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"I think your suggestion with the colorful tree was fantastic. Thank you very much! Once again: I know why I always resort to Love u Baby after all these years. my son still LOVES his two baby blankets at the age of 5"
Silja D. – 22. Januar, 2024
"Thank you very much for the super fast delivery! As always its a very beautiful blanket."
Vera H. – 21. Januar, 2024
I received your package today. Thank you I am very happy. You can tell that you do it with a lot of passion. Very good quality and very nicely packaged.I am happy to recommend you and will order from you again for my next christening gift.
Svenja S. – 11. April, 2023
The parcel arrived on Friday. Thank you very much for the super fast processing and delivery. The blanket is very beautiful and will bring a lot of joy!
Karin S. – 12. Juni, 2023
The package has arrived and we are very happy with the blanket! It's exactly how we wanted it! Thank you very much :-). I will of course recommend you warmly!
Fabienne F. – 6. Juli, 2023
Thank you very much for the quick reply and the positive news, I am very happy about that. My two children have cuddly blankets and pillows from Love u Baby and cuddle with them every day. Therefore, I am extremely happy to give our friends such a cuddly blanket for their sunshine. Keep it up, your products are really awesome!
4. Juli, 2023 – Christian L.
Thank you very much for the quick completion, another baby will certainly be very happy about your blanket. In any case, with our 2.5-year-old daughter, nothing works without the two blankets from you, they accompany her while sleeping, traveling and even on our hikes they are there. Thank you very much for this great product!
Flavia W. – 12. Oktober, 2023
Thank you so much! My daughter loves your blankets, and we are getting another one specifically for her to take to kita!
Camilla H. – 15. Mai 2024
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